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Bonus Boxing Day Long Player: “Foxbase Beta” by Saint Etienne

Being the pretty fab and stupidly unobtainable Richard X “re-production” of Saint Etienne‘s debut album Foxbase Alpha. Some interesting reinterpretations and a few that actually surpass the originals. In particular, this version of “London Belongs To Me” is definitive and a candidate for any future Saint Etienne “best of”.

By the way, there is a reason why I’m sharing this on Boxing Day particularly, which you’ll either get immediately or be pondering over for ages…

Link: “Foxbase Beta” by Saint Etienne (password: salad)

1. This Is Radio Etienne
2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
3. Wilson
4. Carnt Sleep
5. Girl VII
6. Spring
7. She’s the One
8. Stoned To Say The Least
9. Nothing Can Stop Us
10. Etienne Gonna Die
11. London Belongs To Me
12. Like The Swallow
13. Dilworth’s Theme


The Name Game – 1

Every music blog needs a gimmicky series, so here’s one for you! I post pairs of songs, the title of one is the artist of the other. The song may be named after the artist, or the artist after the song, or there may be no connection…

So first, here’s a very 1985 pop-rock number by a former teenage heartthrob, and some 21st century janglepop referring to the artist in question:

Link: “She Knows All About Boys” by David Cassidy
Link: “David Cassidy” by Betty And The Werewolves

So you get the idea. I don’t think there’s any connection in this next pairing, but two cracking tunes. The first is a fine bit of 70s funk, one of those soundtrack staples that you hear on TV and film all the time and might not know what it is (like I didn’t until this very week) and currently being used by the Beeb to promote “Last Chance Lawyer NYC”. The second is a soul classic that surely needs no introduction:

Link: “Low Rider” by War
Link: “War” by Edwin Starr

And finally, here’s one where the artist is named after the song. Both of the songs in this pairing are folk standards which have been recorded by zillions of people, so as far as “Nancy Whiskey” (the song) goes, I just went for the version I’m most familiar with. As for the artist Nancy Whiskey (born Ann Wilson), I thought it was a bit of a cheat to use the best-known Chas McDevitt version of “Freight Train” (because the song’s not called “Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group Featuring Nancy Whiskey”) so I found this very different solo recording instead.

Link: “Freight Train” by Nancy Whiskey
Link: “Nancy Whiskey” by Shane MacGowan and the Popes

Oh, sod it, here’s the classic version of “Freight Train” as well…

Link: “Freight Train” by Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group featuring Nancy Whiskey


Nina goes camping

nina-presson_imageWith The Cardigans on hiatus, 2001 saw Nina Persson branch out with her own band, A Camp, featuring her husband Nathan Larsson together with, at various stages of the recording, Niclas Frisk and Mark Linkous. The country-tinged songs were quite unlike what The Cardigans had been doing up to that point, though those who’d been paying attention to Larsson and Persson’s soundtrack work would have been less surprised. Being happily married didn’t seem to dull Nina’s tendency toward cynical lyrics about the darker side of love,  though.

The country stylings spilled over into The Cardigans’ next album Long Gone Before Daylight, and anyone who loves that album (I think it’s their best) should certainly check out A Camp’s two long-players, A Camp (2001) and Colonia (2009). To get you started (or fill in the gaps), here’s all of A Camp’s officially released non-album tracks: three honest-to-goodness B-sides, three quite different versions of tracks from the debut album, and three covers…

Charlie Charlie
Angel Of Sadness (Out On The Porch Version)
Song For The Leftovers (Radio Version)
Train Of Salvation
My Misery Is A Mystery
Such A Bad Comedown (Version 1 – The 1998 Recording)
Us And Them (Pink Floyd cover)
Boys Keep Swinging (Dave Bowie cover)
I’ve Done It Again (Grace Jones cover)

Download: A Camp Uncollected (Mediafire) (re-up)

Password: salad