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A quick Win

winsleeveIt tends to take me bloomin’ ages to write these posts, and I go on so much that I’m always a bit worried about the whole “dancing about architecture” thing. So I thought I would have a go at writing a post in the time it takes to rip and upload my chosen tracks.

So, Win. The band, not the concept. Actually I probably should know more about Win, but I’m not a native Scot and so missed out on the whole thing where they almost had a hit with “You’ve Got The Power”. Still, armed with a CD compilation someone made for me a few years back, I have ripped some tracks… and just realised they don’t quite match the 12″ single I thought they did, because according to Discogs the 12″ mix didn’t actually actually appear on the 12″ single at all. Brilliant. So, instead of the actual 12″ single, what I’m posting here represents the 12″ single as it clearly ought to have been. That’s my excuse, and if you don’t like it, tough.

Oh yeah, anyway… this is one of the singles from Win’s first album Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon). According to Discogs, “Win were a Scottish band from the 1980s. Formed by Invalid Artist after the demise of Fire Engines.” Good old Invalid Artist, I really dug his solo album Entry Not Found. In any case, Win were an arty alternative pop band. I imagine some of them went to art school. What you need to know is that “Shampoo Tears” has an earworm of a riff and a lyric that I’m pretty sure isn’t meant to make any sense whatsoever. And one of the B-sides is a T.Rex cover.

Link: Win – Shampoo Tears (12″ mix which as we’ve already established isn’t actually a 12″ mix at all)
Link: Win – Shampoo Tears (dub mix, we’re on fairly safe ground with this one. Sorry about the surface noise, it’s the only rip I’ve got)
Link: Win – Empty Holsters (B-side version)
Link: Win – The Slider

I would say that went about as well as could be expected.