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I was wondering whether I could come up with a better pro-suicide policy than the lockdown. But really, there’s no need. You don’t support a policy of social distancing and telling people not to leave their homes unless you positively want to drive people to suicide. And apparently 91% of people do. Unless this somehow magically unhappens, the fact that this can and has happened is forever incompatible with opposition to suicide.

So good news, lockdown fans. You and your fascist friends win! Enjoy your future life in your Nazi wonderland.

I suppose they just hit the wall

tada tataHere’s a twee pop band I’d have liked to hear more from. I don’t know much about Tada Tátà except they’re from Sweden and I think they’re sisters. But I’m not even sure about that. Anyway, they released a self-titled EP and a single, “Susie”, in 2009-10 and then just stopped. This, however, is their original demo. A couple of rinkydink guitars, some glockenspiel (or now I think about it, maybe a child’s toy piano?) and the odd intrusion of a drum machine rhythm.

All these songs reappeared on the EP in new versions, though the version of “Sticky Dumb Gum” on the EP was very similar to the “cello version” here and may even be the same recording, just differently EQ’d.

Link: Tada Tátà – Demo (password: salad)

  1. Sticky Dumb Gum
  2. The Brigade
  3. Ebony
  4. Sticky Dumb Gum (cello version)
  5. Hit The Wall