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Hot cheese

sohotIn response to the heatwave (it’s 27 degrees in Aberdeenshire, for crying out loud), here’s something simultaneously laid back and rather cheesy for your pool party from Touch And Go.

You remember Touch And Go, right? It was a big beat / latin thing basically made up of David Lowe of BBC News theme semi-fame and a couple of sessioneers. Discogs reckons veteran music journo Charlie Gillett was involved too, which I didn’t know until ten minutes ago, and… well, to be honest, I have no idea whether it’s actually true. Anyhow, their big hit was “Would You…?” back in 1999, which was followed by a not-very-successful album, I Find You Very Attractive, and a couple of flop singles, of which this was the second and last. Weirdly it does not appear to credit Willy DeVille at all despite the obvious quotation of “Spanish Stroll”.

Link: Touch And Go – So Hot (Tom and Mikey’s Radio Mix)
Link: Touch And Go – So Hot (140BPM In The Shade Mix)
Link: Touch And Go – So Hot (Instrumental)
Link: Touch And Go – So Hot (Album Version)