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Slapp Happy covers

impossibles the drumTo go with my Slapp Happy Imaginary Compilation Album now up at The New Vinyl Villain blog, here are (most of) the cover versions I mentioned in that write-up, plus the original version of “War” so you know what The Fall are covering. Sorry I haven’t included the Ruth’s Refrigerator track in this lot; I thought I’d ripped it but I hadn’t… I’ll endeavour to add it later.  Knowing me, that’ll probably be in 2023 or so. [EDIT: In fact, I don’t think I have the Ruth’s Refrigerator track to share. I did, once upon a time…]

Link: Slapp Happy / Henry Cow – War
Link: The Fall – War
Link: Mazzy Star – Blue Flower
Link: Pale Saints – Blue Flower
Link: Bongwater – The Drum
Link: The Impossibles – The Drum (7″ Mix)
Link: The Impossibles – The Drum (Andrew Weatherall 12″ Mix)

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Shake your yama yamas

I am returning to my folly and taking up teaching exercise classes again. And the first one I am doing is eighties-themed, so I have been tracking down songs from the eighties that are the right tempo (ideally you want songs upward of 135bpm for the high-impact stuff… which is suprisingly difficult) and if at all possible, nicely divided into 32-count sections. You can imagine my delight at discovering that “Fiesta” by The Pogues fits both of those criteria. And my disappointment that “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead doesn’t (annoyingly, each verse has a single measure where it drops into 3/4 – you wouldn’t even notice it unless you were trying to fit an exercise routine to it and kept mysteriously finding yourself a beat behind. Sometimes you can edit odd beats and half-measures out, but you can’t really edit them in).

Anyway, one thing I’m pondering is how much one can go off the beaten track. I figure most people are going to have a hit song they don’t recognise, especially if they’re under about 35. (I’m guessing “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” by Indeep might get a few blank looks.) So if I throw in something nobody will know, maybe everyone will think it’s just them. Such as this:


Link: Slapp Happy – Everybody’s Slimmin’ (Even Men And Women!)

Slapp Happy never get all that much attention in their own right, though they’re prone to appear amid long lists of influences on other bands. Comprising Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore and Dagmar Krause, they were essentially three avant-gardists coming together to make pop music, and their initial run was short but fruitful. Within three years (from mid-1972 to mid-75) they completed five albums, of which four were released at the time: “Sort Of”, backed by Faust, “Slapp Happy”, a kind of proto-chamber-pop album with session musicians, and two collaborations with prog-folk-jazzers Henry Cow, the cabaret-influenced “Desperate Straights” and the Henry Cow-led prog album “In Praise Of Learning”. The self-titled album is the one to seek out. The other album, “Acnalbasac Noom”, is the Faust-backed first attempt at recording the “Slapp Happy” tracklist, which Polydor rejected. It’s quite good too.

So anyway, by mid-75, the Henry Cow collaboration had run its course, but Krause opted to stay with them instead of returning to Slapp Happy, and that was pretty much the end of the group… for a while. But fast foward seven years to 1982, and Slapp Happy were back! Back! Back! Temporarily. The one-off single “Everybody’s Slimmin’!” preceded their first ever live show, after which… they split again. And then there were various other reunions, but maybe we’ll discuss those another time.

“Everybody’s Slimmin'” is a pretty wacky single, and one could imagine it being a hit in the musical climate of 1982, which is an interesting thought. Slapp Happy as one hit wonders, their catalogue overshadowed by a novelty hit? Stranger things have happened. Stranger things have happened to Slapp Happy. But this one didn’t.

To finish, here’s some classic Slapp Happy, with one of their better known songs, “The Drum”:

Link: Slapp Happy – The Drum (Slapp Happy version)
Link: Slapp Happy – The Drum (Acnalbasac Noom version)