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Let the music play!

shannonsleeveA classic that everyone should know today. Shannon‘s 1983 hit “Let The Music Play” was, according to Wikipedia, “one of the first tracks to sync together a TR-808 [drum machine] and a Roland TB-303 bassline”. Don’t worry, I’m no tech-head either. In layman’s terms, it sounds like early house music. Actually, no… it sounds like peak-period ’88-9 house music, it just happens to have been done earlier. And as far as I’m concerned, it stands up with the best of them. Not only is it a groove that makes you move, but “he’s dancing his way back to me!” is one of the great moments in pop.

I was actually a bit surprised (and impressed) to learn that this went to number 8 in the Billboard Hot Hundred, because it doesn’t feel like a mainstream hit to me. Shows you how much I know. They got a good return on the two dollars and eighty cents they spent on this lavish video, then:

“Let The Music Play” has attracted a lot of remixes and covers down the years, but I haven’t heard any that come close to the excellence of the original. You don’t need any of them in your collection, but you do need this:

Shannon – Let The Music Play (1983 single)

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