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Weekend Long Player: “Quickspace” by Quickspace

Founded by former Th’ Faith Healers mainman Tom Cullinan, Quickspace are helpfully described by Wikipedia as “space rock, krautrock, noise pop” and as “a kind of Stereolab that rocks”. I’ll go with that; it saves me the bother of trying to describe them anyway. This is their debut album from 1996 and should appeal to people who like “space rock, krautrock, noise pop”, particularly with lo-fi production (you can really tell this is not a high-end studio job). I hadn’t played it in years and I’m not sure why not (especially as I have it on both CD and vinyl); there’s nothing on it quite as awesome as the “Superplus” single but it’s… quite good if you like that sort of thing, which I do, sometimes.

Link: Quickspace – Quickspace (password: salad)

1. Swisher
2. Song for Someone
3. Quasi-Pfaff
4. Mousetail
5. Winona
6. Docile One
7. Docile Two