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A bit of Posh, a bit of Rough

poshcdPlucking a CD at random from the drawer, I find myself holding a copy of “Rough Lover” by Posh. Remember Posh? Me neither. But I’ve got this single, so I suppose they must have existed. Also it appears I once spent 50p on this. Guitars, electronics, third-hand punky attitude, somewhat underpowered female vocals. There was a lot of this sort of thing around in the late 1990s and I wouldn’t say this was one of the better examples. Still, somebody out there will be looking for this, probably. So here it is.

Link: Rough Lover
Link: Rough Lover (Bit Of Rough)
Link: Chips & Oxy 10
Link: Rough Lover (Under Manners) (Mekon remix)