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No, it really WAS a cracking debut single

Jez at A History of Dubious Taste maintains there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure, but here’s one to severely test that hypothesis.

After Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark splintered at the end of the 80s, Andy McCluskey kept the name and carried on with new collaborators. And for a while he did rather well, with 1990’s Sugar Tax selling squillions and yielding top ten hits in “Sailing On The Seven Seas” and “Pandora’s Box”. But diminishing returns led to him retiring the name after 1996’s guitar-led Universal, and seeking new ventures.  Together with 90s OMD member Stuart Kershaw, he wrote a bunch of songs and assembled a girl group to be the vehicle for them. And thus Atomic Kitten was born.

I won’t make any claims for Atomic Kitten’s subsequent releases (later McCluskey/Kershaw songs proved disappointing, and I stopped paying attention altogether after they left the project) but the first single was a properly corking glam disco stomper. Honestly.

Link: Atomic Kitten – Right Now (password: salad)

1. Right Now
2. Something Spooky: Theme To BBC “Belfry Witches”
3. Right Now (demo)