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One Dove tail off

Here’s another one of those bands who were talked up as the height of cool in the music press (I’m so old, I actually remember the music press) but never quite broke through and ended up splitting before they could achieve their full potential. One Dove were compared to other female-fronted alt-dance bands like Saint Etienne and Dubstar, though they were slightly more dubby and dancefloor-oriented, which may be why they didn’t pick up quite the same following. Nevertheless, their one proper album Morning Dove White (1993) is a cracker, and a more-or-less completed but never-issued second album can be found on certain other blogs.

What I’m sharing today is their last proper single, which was aimed at the christmas market. Think “last dance at the office party”. A rather quiet little number which attracted very little attention, though it did come with a couple of proper B-sides.

Link: One Dove – Why Don’t You Take Me (password: salad)

1. Why Don’t You Take Me (Andrew Weatherall album version)
2. Jolene
3. Skanga
4. Why Don’t You Take Me (Rank Outsiders mix)
5. Why Don’t You Take Me (Stephen Hague mix)