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I nearly got killed today

I did remonstrate with those responsible, but from the look on their faces, I think they would have considered it a win if I’d died. It would probably have been a win for the world in general too, considering that the result of my continued existence is a selection featuring both My Chemical Romance and Gracie Fields. Nobody wants that. But you’re getting it anyway.

Link: They Might Be Giants – Dead
Link: Suede – He’s Dead
Link: Therapy? – Dead
Link: Komeda – Dead
Link: Gene – For The Dead
Link: My Chemical Romance – Dead!
Link: Gracie Fields – He’s Dead But He Won’t Lie Down

If you don’t have time for all seven (and who does?), I would recommend… well, Gracie Fields, actually. A perfectly good song of defiance. I think it’s the 1941 version, which must make it the oldest track I’ve shared on this blog so far.