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That’s a First

moonshakefirstHow about some shoegaze? (Not a question you should ever ask in real life, incidentally.) Moonshake were founded by Dave Callahan (usually credited, Morrissey-esque, just by his surname), formerly of C86 band The Wolfhounds, and was initially co-fronted by him and guitarist/vocalist Margaret Fiedler. Moonshake had a pretty turbulent career – they only managed one full-length album, Eva Luna, before the tension between Callahan and Fieldler’s different approaches tore the band apart, and Fiedler went off to form Laika, while Callahan continued Moonshake with more jazz influences and no guitars. Many fans of the Eva Luna-era Moonshake found Laika more to their laiking (sorry) and simply ignored everything Moonshake did post-Fiedler. Their loss; the later Moonshake albums are worth investigating in their own right.

But not right now, because for this post we’re going back to the start, and 1991’s literally-named First EP. Four tersely-titled songs and a curious, kinda folky reprise. Worth a place in any shoegazer’s collection.

Moonshake: First EP (Creation CD, 1991)

Link: Moonshake – Gravity
Link: Moonshake – Coward
Link: Moonshake – Coming
Link: Moonshake – Hanging
Link: Moonshake – Coward (acoustic)