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Whoa-whoa-whoa, it’s magic

thebadmanPlucking a CD at random from the drawer, I find myself grasping a copy of “Magic Style” by The Badman, a track from that early-90s “toytown techno” craze which, er, doesn’t sample the theme from The Magic Roundabout. If anything it’s more of a re-worked cover version.

It does however feature a load of samples from the film version of said series – not the 3D-rendered 2005 version with Ian McKellen as the voice of Zebedee (it’s the part he was born to play, darlings) but the 1970 feature Dougal and the Blue Cat. I would guess that Mister Badman found a VHS of said film, thought “hurrah, I’ll sample the theme and make a spiffing anthem that the E’d-up young folk will love”, then got into the studio only to discover that the theme wasn’t actually used in the film and he was stuck with recreating it from memory. Like I say, that’s a guess. In any case, the result isn’t too bad, probably less cloying than sticking some breakbeats behind the original theme would have been.

Link: The Badman – Magic Style (radio edit)
Link: The Badman – Magic Style (aroundabout mix)
Link: The Badman – Magic Style (sugar lump trip)
Link: The Badman – Shape Dancing (edit)

Speaking of which… of course I can’t post a Magic Roundabout-themed rave choon without acknowledging “Summers Magic” by Mark Summers, a bigger hit that came out around the same time. Nowadays it’s probably more associated with the Pegg-Frost-Wright movie The World’s End, though it’s disappointingly absent from the soundtrack album. From memory, I think the version in the film is the original mix (and whichever one it is, in the movie it’s cut together with “The Only Rhyme That Bites” by MC Tunes vs 808 State anyway) but this is the one that counts…

Link: Mark Summers – Summers Magic (the unit mix)