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Over the top with P. J. Proby and friends

Here’s another single that was released for the christmas market, but isn’t actually very christmassy at all.  From 1996, P. J. Proby teams up with Marc Almond (who also co-produces with regular collaborator Neal Whitmore) and the musicians from orchestral pop outfit My Life Story for a cover of the 1967 Little Anthony And The Imperials US hit “Yesterday Has Gone”, and it’s as insanely overblown as you would expect from that line-up.

The B-sides are both new songs written specially for Proby: Almond and Whitmore contribute “Devil In Red Velvet”, while “Pain in Your Heart” is written and produced by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne.

Link: P. J. Proby and Marc Almond – Yesterday Has Gone (password: salad)

1. P. J. Proby & Marc Almond ft the My Life Story Orchestra – Yesterday Has Gone
2. P. J. Proby – Pain in Your Heart
3. P. J. Proby – Devil In Red Velvet
4. P. J. Proby & Marc Almond – Yesterday Has Gone (Balearico Mix) [supposedly featuring the My Life Story Orchestra, but they seem to have been mixed out of it]

Tunes from my shoebox #2: Back to the Eighties!


An ordinary shoebox looks like this. MY shoebox is much better than this one, though.

Dipping into my shoebox of backup discs again, I pick out one dedicated to acts beginning with S, V and Y. They just happened to combine to make the right sort of total to fill a DVD-R.

The S folder contains a subfolder called “1980s”. It contains tracks from the 1980s. Given my haphazard filing system, this is not as obvious as it should be. Here are some tracks retrieved from that subfolder and its subsubfolders, all 12″ mixes.

Link: The S.O.S. Band – Just Be Good To Me (12″ version)

Later reworked by Beats International as “Dub Be Good To Me” and Professor Green as “Just Be Good To Green”, but the original doesn’t get much of an airing anymore.

Link: Bronski Beat with Marc Almond – I Feel Love / Love To Love You Baby / Johnny Remember Me (12″ version)

I know, Bronski Beat doesn’t start with S. It’s in a folder of various works by Jimmy Somerville. I think by now you should be starting to understand why I can never find the backup I actually want.

Link: Soft Cell – Memorabilia (12″ version)

More Marc Almond, this time in an early Soft Cell classic. Strange to think this was never a hit, when it’s probably better remembered than bona fide smashes like “What” and “Torch”.

Link: Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Success (Dance Mix)

The much-vaunted, little-purchased Stock Aitken Waterman collaboration. The only way this could be more eighties would be to have Selina Scott introducing it.

Link: Spandau Ballet – Lifeline (12″ Dub Mix)

Because Sigue Sigue Sputnik just aren’t uncool enough.