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Get out


Three tunes today in honour of Tim Peake‘s spacewalk. It would have been so easy to just post a load of songs punning on “Peake”, but I’m classier than that. Well, today I am. So instead we have Jean-Jacques Perrey‘s much-sampled, and much-bunged-on-TV-soundtracks moogtastic “E.V.A.” from 1970 (which I only just learned today was co-written by a young Angelo Badalamenti), Lemon Jelly sampling a recording of Ed White‘s 1965 spacewalk (it’s beautiful… just beautiful), and Phil Oakey getting, er… phil-osophical about the whole business.

Link: Jean-Jacques Perrey – E.V.A.
Link: Lemon Jelly – Space Walk
Link: All Seeing I featuring Phil Oakey – First Man In Space