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So this isn’t Christmas, and what have they done?

Another “Christmas” record which has nothing to do with Christmas, and wasn’t even released for Christmas. It actually came out in August – so brilliant timing for the back-to-school market. I’m sure all the primary kids were getting down to this. Jim and William Reid of The Jesus And Mary Chain basically overdub a load of feedback-y guitars to The Sugarcubes‘ signature song, so in theory, it’s two of the greatest alternative groups of the late 80s on one record, but… they’re better separately.

Still, it is Christmas… this time…

Link: The Sugarcubes – Birthday (Christmas Mixes) (password: salad)

  1. Birthday (Christmas Eve)
  2. Birthday (Christmas Day)
  3. Birthday (Christmas Present)
  4. Petrol (Live)

Does He Know It’s Christmas?

The answer is: yes, but honestly I just don’t feel like posting anything christmassy. So something by The Jesus And Mary Chain is about as close as you’re going to get from me, and they only get a pass because they’re doing a song about a different time of year altogether. I would have suggested that the mid-April singles market is somewhat less lucrative than christmas, but this was their biggest hit, so what do I know?

Link: The Jesus And Mary Chain – April Skies (double 7″) (password: salad)

1. April Skies (7″ version)
2. Kill Surf City
3. Mushroom (live in Nuremberg 1986) (Can cover)
4. Bo Diddley Is Jesus