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Weekend Long Player: “Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0” by Various Artists

A marvellous cassette-only compilation from 1991, released by a small Swedish label, Records From The Cookie Nose Tower. From the title, it would appear that the concept is that it contains Swedish and British acts, though the scattering of Japanese bands (Bridge, Roof, Venus Peter and Marble Hammock) rather undermines that premise.

Regardless, it’s another sparkling selection of early 90s indiepop, with early and rare stuff from then-or-future Sarah luminaries Blueboy (on what may have been their recorded debut?), Brighter and The Orchids (is this really the first time The Orchids have appeared on this blog? Now there’s an oversight), what in retrospect looks like a jarringly big-name contribution from Stereolab, inevitable appearances by Louis Philippe and Momus, and who is that hiding behind the pseudonym Cerise? It’s only Amelia Fletcher, doing a solo version of Heavenly‘s debut single from the previous year!

Oh, and the Swedish and Japanese bands aren’t bad either. Incidentally, Are You Mr. Riley and The Rileys are the same band, they just changed their name… in the middle of this compilation album, it would appear.

Link: Various Artists – Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0 (password: salad)

1. “Eusebio” – Louis Philippe
2. “Song About Girls” – Bummer Twins
3. “Walking Back To You” – The Cherry Orchard
4. “This Friendship Of Ours” – This Perfect Day
5. “Chick House” – Roof
6. “Barriers Of Mine” – Are You Mr. Riley
7. “Silent Sigh City” – Happydeadmen
8. “Shaunty” – Joe Clack
9. “She Fakes Apples” – My Finest Hour
10. “I Fell In Love Last Night” – Cerise
11. “Kymri” – The Apple Moths
12. “Jennifer Anywhere” – The Kitchen Cynics
13. “Room” – Bridge
14. “Turn Over” – Momus
15. “Into the Morgue” – Mary-Go-Round
16. “Next Summer” – Brighter
17. “New World” – Venus Peter
18. “Chelsea Guitar” – Blueboy
19. “Not Unusual” – BJ Eagle
20. “The Light That Will Cease To Fail” – Stereolab
21. “High Rise” – The Cherry Orchard
22. “Windmills And Milestones” – Bummer Twins
23. “Wood Dust” – Joe Clack
24. “Ralph De Bricassart” – Happydeadmen
25. “Time Will Pass” – The Rileys
26. “And When I Wake Up” – The Orchids
27. “Birds of Prey” – Marble Hammock

Can you keep a secret?

I was going to start with a post about World Of Twist, but I’m afraid that will have to wait a bit because it suddenly dawned on me that I was launching this blog on the very day that Amelia Fletcher turns 50 and it would be terribly remiss of me not to mark that occasion. She’s been a part of my musical life for a long time, and at one point I thought it would be a good wheeze to nominate her for an honour. Imagine the godmother of twee pop getting a proper gong! I didn’t need to, though, because two years ago she got the OBE anyway, albeit for her decade-plus service at the now-defunct Office of Fair Trading, rather than her music. Obviously they’re saving that for the damehood. fletcherback

I did see Heavenly once, at one of their last gigs. I remember it being very hot and Cathy Rogers making some reference to the danger of hyperthermia, and Amelia thinking she meant hypothermia and… quite honestly, this anecdote isn’t as interesting as I’d hoped it would be. But rest assured it was a great gig.

Unfortunately, most of my Ameliana is on vinyl and I haven’t quite got the wherewithal to rip that yet. (Hopefully soon!).  But here’s her one solo single, recorded just after Talulah Gosh split up in 1988 but not released until 1991, around the same time as Heavenly’s first album “Heavenly Vs Satan”. It’s in a synthpop style that was already long out of fashion by the time it was recorded (less Erasure, more Jona Lewie) but the B-side was redone with jingly jangly guitars by Heavenly as the B-side for their second single “Our Love Is Heavenly” (which had already been released by the time this version saw the light of day) and I’ve thrown that version in as a bonus.


  • Can You Keep A Secret?
  • Wrap My Arms Around Him
  • Can You Keep A Secret? (12″ remix)
  • Can You Keep A Secret? (Karaoke mix)
  • BONUS TRACK!! Wrap My Arms Around Him (Heavenly version)

I was going to use and put up individual links, but they never sent me the confirmation email, so for now you’ll have to get the whole lot from Mediafire.

Download! (Password: salad)