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They can’t make head nor tail of Passion

I may be (cough) slightly over 21 now, but I’m still quite keen on records having the quality that there’s no chance my parents would ever understand them. Such as this pioneering progressive house instrumental. I loved this in 1992 and I love it now, and I remain thrilled that it is completely incomprehensible.

It’s been remixed quite a lot since – officially and otherwise – but none of the mixes have come close to the original pairing here: Simon Slater’s original “Naked mix” is the definitive classic, and Darren Emerson’s remix (his debut!) spins it out to 14 minutes. There is a radio edit of Emerson’s mix here too, but it’s a bit useless, since the long slow gradual changes are the whole point.

It’s just struck me that since a bunch of the blogs listed over on the right do a “Monday Long Song”, you can consider the D.Emerson mix my contribution to that, if you want. It wasn’t intentional.

Link: Gat Decor – Passion (password: salad)

1. Passion (Naked Mix edit)
2. Passion (D.Emerson Mix edit)
3. Passion (Naked Mix)
4. Passion (D.Emerson Mix)