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Down with a discobug

I was going to write something terribly out-of-character and real-worldy and not-musical-at-all about the systemic impotence of Trading Standards, but maybe some other time. I think I need to make a few FOI requests first.

Unfortunately, as I’m not writing about that, I’m left without anything to pad this post out with.

I don’t know anything about the guy behind this. I would guess he’s a DJ and part-time Belisha beacon salesman, collects umbrellas, speaks Farsi, Tagalog and Klingon, and has a false leg made of cheese. But I am just guessing.

This is mainly generic 90s progressive-trance-house, but head straight for “The Difference Mix”, a piano-heavy choon that actually lives up to the “Discobug” title.

Freakyman – Discobug ’97 (CD single, 1997)

Link: Freakyman – Discobug ’97 (Radio Edit)
Link: Freakyman – Discobug ’97 (Da Klubbkings Mix)
Link: Freakyman – Discobug ’97 (The Difference Mix)
Link: Freakyman – Discobug ’97 (Dance Therapy Mix)