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Born sloppy

Frazier Chorus is another one of those also-ran late-80s / early 90s bands for whom there seems to be quite a bit of fondness in the blogosphere, or at least the bits I wander in and out of. A band who attempted to make pop music while avoiding the usual guitar-bass-drums set-up, and preferring small-scale slice-of-life dramas to anything that might feel like an actual statement, I suppose it’s not so strange that they were once on 4AD, though having discovered them through the Virgin-issued cult classic “Dream Kitchen”, it still seems a bit weird to me.

Anyway, before going to Virgin and falling just short of the Top 40 about a million times (still half a million less than Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, though), Frazier Chorus did indeed make their recorded debut for 4AD. “Sloppy Heart” came out in October 1987, the very month that 4AD had a freak number one with MARRS‘ “Pump Up The Volume”. Did this single follow it into the top 40, thereby cementing the label’s new-found commercial fortune? It did not.

All three songs on this 12″ were subsequently remade for Frazier Chorus’ debut album Sue – I reckon the remake of “Typical!” improved on the original, but I prefer the 4AD versions of “Sloppy Heart” and “Storm”.

Link: Frazier Chorus – Sloppy Heart (4AD version) (password: salad)

1. Sloppy Heart
2. Typical!
3. Storm