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Phobiahh is taking ovahh

phobiahFlowered Up were nearly killed by hype. Indeed, I’m not sure it was even “nearly”. They arrived in the midst of the baggy boom with a sound not entirely unlike Happy Mondays, and got on the covers of the music press before they even had a record out. To which the whole world responded, “you’ve got to be kidding”.

So maybe they were derivative, and maybe their annointing as the Next Big Thing was partly due to the fact that they were conveniently London-based rather than somewhere oop North. But they still made some great records: “Weekender” of course, but also a string of singles leading up to that classic, including this…

Link: Flowered Up – Phobia (password: salad)

  1. Phobia (Extended Play)
  2. Flapping
  3. Phobia (Paranoid Mix)
  4. Phobia (7″ mix)

The Feast Day of Saint Bunny

easterbunnyAs Jezbionic observes at the great A History of Dubious Taste blog, there are a lot fewer pop songs related to Easter than to Christmas. Well, that set me thinking, which as you’ll have noticed is rarely a good move, and I have come up with a couple. Though one’s a bit of a stretch. And “I Am The Resurrection” is far too obvious, so I’m not doing that.

Link: A Man Called Adam – Easter Song
Link: Flowered Up – Egg Rush