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Back to The Beach

2000’s The Beach was Danny Boyle‘s fourth movie as director and he had certainly got a reputation as a man with an ear for a good, varied soundtrack. Though strangely, after The Beach, his soundtracks were largely single-composer with perhaps the odd curveball thrown in, and he didn’t really return to the eclecticism of Trainspotting, A L ife Less Ordinary and The Beach until this year’s T2: Trainspotting.

Unlike its predecessors, there’s not a lot of guitars on The Beach – it’s really heavy on the electronics. Boyle regulars Leftfield and Underworld are present, both with excellent new tracks subsequently deemed worthy of inclusion on their respective Best Ofs, and there are also return appearances from New Order (with the album’s most “rock” song), Faithless, and Blur. In the “quick, get someone to cover the tracks we couldn’t licence” corner, we get Asian Dub Foundation doing The Upsetters‘ ska standard “Return Of Django” (not as exciting as you might hope) while John Cale and Brian Eno‘s “Spinning Away” is covered by Sugar Ray, which seems like an odd choice, though they take it dead straight and make a decent go of it.

The big hit, of course, was All Saints’ “Pure Shores”, a number one smash which critics were quick to point out bore a considerable resemblance to the sort of thing producer William Orbit had recently been doing with Madonna. Dario G‘s “Voices” (a two-year-old album track) and Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti‘s “Beached” were also released as singles, to less success.

Anyway, here’s a whole heap of downloadables for you. In all cases, the password is salad – all lower case. First, of course, the soundtrack album itself:

Various Artists – The Beach Soundtrack
01 Snakeblood – Leftfield
02 Pure Shores – All Saints
03 Porcelain – Moby
04 Voices – Dario G
05 8 Ball – Underworld
06 Spinning Away (Souledout Mix) – Sugar Ray
07 Return Of Django – Asian Dub Foundation
08 On Your Own (Crouch End Broadway Mix) – Blur (remix by William Orbit)
09 Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix Edit) – Mory Kante
10 Woozy – Faithless
11 Richard, It’s Business As Usual – Barry Adamson
12 Brutal – New Order
13 Lonely Souls – UNKLE featuring Richard Ashcroft
14 Beached – Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti

Link: Various Artists Soundtrack

Angelo Badalamenti’s score didn’t get issued until a few months after the film, which seems a strange way of going about things…

Angelo Badalamenti – The Beach (Motion Picture Score)
01 Bizarre City (with Barry Adamson)
02 The Beach Theme (Swim To Island)
03 Vision Of Fantasy
04 Mournful Myth
05 Starnight
06 Killing Fields
07 Blue Sex
08 The Beach Theme (Mythical Waters)
09 Grassmark
10 Daffy’s Done
11 Mystery Of Christo
12 Pure Victims
13 Pursuit Of A Shark
14 Waterfall Cascade
15 Dreamburst

Link: Original Score

There were three singles from the soundtrack album (well, four if you include “Porcelain” but that was released later on and not tied in to the film), and here they are, with all the tracks combined.

“Pure Shores” was the breakout hit, and probably more popular than the movie was! Karl “K-Gee” Gordon gives it a hip hop flava on the 2 Da Beach U Don’t Stop Mix and Tom Middleton goes all cosmic on the, yup, Cosmos Mix.

All Saints – Pure Shores
01 Pure Shores (album version)
02 If You Don’t Know What I Know
03 Pure Shores (2 Da Beach U Don’t Stop Mix)
04 Pure Shores (Cosmos Remix)
05 Pure Shores (The Beach Life Mix)
06 Pure Shores (Instrumental)

Link: Pure Shores

The second single was “Beached”, usually described as a “collaboration” between Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti, though I’m not sure they actually got together as such. The single has shorter and longer versions (apparently an instrumental mix exists too, which I think I would prefer because that narration is properly irritating, but I’ve never seen it anywhere) plus an unrelated Orbital original. I rather think they should have put Angie’s original theme on it, particularly considering that the original score album wasn’t yet released at this point.

Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti – Beached
01 Beached (radio version) – Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti
02 Beached (long version) – Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti
03 Doctor Look Out – Orbital

Link: Beached

And last and probably least (though with the most mixes), Dario G’s “Voices”, with the voice of Vanessa Quinones.

Dario G featuring Vanessa Quinones – Voices
01 Voices (radio edit)
02 Voices (Sash! radio edit)
03 Voices (film acoustic version)
04 Voices (Sash! X-Tended mix)
05 Voices (Taste Xperience)
06 Voices (Jimpy & Wolff mix)
07 Voices (Kriana mix)

Link: Voices

And because I forgot to include it in the bundle…

Link: 08 Voices (Matt Darey’s Tekara Mix)

Espiritu de Sussex

Espiritu+Los+AmericanosThe name Espiritu has, inevitably, been attached to quite a few different acts from quite a few different countries over the years, but the only one represented in my collection is the one which formed in the nice enough but not-quite-tropical coastal resort of Brighton, East Sussex, in the early 1990s.

This Espiritu’s career splits into two phases: the first, when the act consisted of Vanessa Quiñones and ex-Frazier Chorus member Chris Taplin, was as an alternative dance-pop act heavily influenced by the sounds of South America. The second, when it was Quiñones solo, shifted toward drum’n’bass, with the occasional nod toward the French pop music she grew up with – the latter to be explored further with her subsequent band Vanessa & The O’s.

From 1993, “Los Americanos” was the duo’s third single, and was supposed to be the one to launch their debut album. I know I saw reviews of the LP (then titled Manifesto) in the music press, but Heavenly ran into distribution problems at just that moment, with the result that it never came out – at least in Britain. Somewhat flukily, one of its tracks, a cover of the Bacharach & David song “Always Something There To Remind Me” (best known to us Brits in its Sandie Shaw rendition) became a big hit in Japan, and the album did eventually appear there under the title Always. A remix of “Always Something There To Remind Me”, credited to Tin Tin Out featuring Espiritu, made the top 20 in the UK, but didn’t appear to generate much interest in anything else they did. It was at this point that Taplin left the act, and Quiñones left Heavenly. She later signed to Deconstruction, and the second and final Espiritu album, Another Life, got a full release – it didn’t do much commercially, but at least it was actually available to buy!

Back to “Los Americanos”, here are the tracks from the UK CD single. Mark “Spike” Stent provides a radio mix in vocal and instrumental versions, while Mother turn in a remix not a million miles away from their own club hit “All Funked Up”. I’m not complaining! There’s also a sweet little B-side, “Manifesto #1”. As a bonus I’m also including the album versions of both songs, which lean more toward the latin influence than the pop one.

Espiritu – Los Americanos (UK CD single, 1993)
Link: Espiritu – Los Americanos
Link: Espiritu – Manifesto #1
Link: Espiritu – Los Americanos (instrumental)
Link: Espiritu – Los Americanos (Mother mix)

Bonus tracks
Link: Espiritu – Los Americanos (album version)
Link: Espiritu – Manifesto