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Erasure take the stage

One of the great British pop bands today… even their singles collection is titled Pop! and if anybody’s earned the right to use that as an album title, Erasure surely have. Strange to think that it took them a while to break through (their first album Wonderland selling miserably as critics labelled them a pale imitation of Vince Clarke’s previous duo Yazoo) but for a few years in the late 80s and early 90s they were one of the top chart acts in the land. It would be downright churlish not to enjoy the likes of “A Little Respect”, “Sometimes”, “Love To Hate You”, “Blue Savannah”, “Stop!”, “Chains Of Love” and their million or so other hits.

My favourite, though, is this one from the 1989 album Wild!. “Drama!” is dramatic indeed, starting quietly before launching into the chants of “guilty!” (augmented by Jim and William Reid, taking a short break from recording the third Jesus And Mary Chain album, Automatic, in the same building). Erasure were at the peak of their powers here, also offering one of Vince Clarke’s most likeable instrumentals (“Sweet, Sweet Baby”) and a better-than-throwaway B-side (“Paradise”).

Link: Erasure – Drama! (password: salad)

1. Drama! (7″)
2. Sweet, Sweet Baby (7″)
3. Drama! (Act 2)
4. Sweet, Sweet Baby (Moo-Moo Mix)
5. Paradise
6. Drama! (Krucial Mix)
7. Sweet, Sweet Baby (The Medi Mix)
8. Paradise (Lost & Found Mix)

1&2 7″ single / 3-5 12″ single / 6-8 Remix 12″