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Just deserts

sandstormI remember two things about the day of my Gran’s funeral. Well, apart from the funeral itself, obviously. One was that it was properly, tarmac-softeningly hot, and the other is that I went out for a walk in the morning and heard this track – which had just entered the charts – blaring out of a car, and it lifted the mood for a bit. I don’t think it would have lifted my gran’s mood had she been alive, or come to think of it the mood of any of the other (presumably) family members hanging around the house at the time, but I enjoyed it.

“Sandstorm” by Darude was the European trance sound writ large. It was a ludicrously exciting record at the time (summer 2000), and as such its fate was to be ripped off by countless lesser imitators. Though speaking of rip-offs, I do remember being rather shocked at the discovery that the cassette single had only one track – and it was the radio edit. Not even the full-length version! What a swizz. Sometimes I wonder about the ethics of sharing tracks on here, but this time… it’s payback!

Link: Darude – Sandstorm (radio edit)
Link: Darude – Sandstorm (original mix)
Link: Darude – Sandstorm (JS16 Remix)