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A yuletide number

Another song that mentions christmas but probably isn’t really a christmas record.

Dubliners Blink are probably best known for something almost entirely peripheral to their own musical career: they were the original Blink who forced the American Blink to add 182 to their name. As for this lot, they were one of that wave of wryly humorous Irish acts that got lumped together as some kind of music press-invented “scene” in the early-to-mid-1990s, along with the likes of Sultans of Ping F.C., The Pale, The Frank And Walters and the oldest and best of the bunch, A House. Blink were at least pretty good at both the wacky and melancholy ends of the scale, and this song from their debut album A Map Of The Universe By Blink sits right in the middle. And it’s… a tiny bit christmassy. Not much, though.

Link: Blink – Christmas 22