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Celebrations and Jüblations

Just a note for anyone who may be interested… the new A.R.Kane material that’s been in the pipeline for a while, is finally on the way! Except that it’s not A.R.Kane anymore, it’s now called Jübl, consisting of Rudy and Maggie Tambala and Andy Taylor. If you count downloads as “singles”, then the single “drops” on 20 June. If not, well, there will be some songs available to download anyway.

Bandcamp page here.

A.R.Kane revisited

As the original links are long gone from The New Vinyl Villain blog, here’s the Imaginary Compilation Album I assembled for dreampop innovators A.R.Kane. Note that the password here is NOT salad, but anitina.

Link: A.R. Kane – Is This Is? (An Imaginary Compilation Album) (password: anitina)

“Dream side”
1. Baby Milk Snatcher (EP version)
2. When You’re Sad (short version)
3. Sperm Whale Trip Over
4. The Butterfly Collector
5. Is This Dub?
“Pop side”
6. Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance) (original 12″ mix)
7. Miles Apart (Robin Guthrie mix)
8. In A Circle
9. A Love from Outer Space (John Luongo solar equinox mix)
10. Sea Like A Child (album version)

You can find the write-up here: