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Nina goes camping

nina-presson_imageWith The Cardigans on hiatus, 2001 saw Nina Persson branch out with her own band, A Camp, featuring her husband Nathan Larsson together with, at various stages of the recording, Niclas Frisk and Mark Linkous. The country-tinged songs were quite unlike what The Cardigans had been doing up to that point, though those who’d been paying attention to Larsson and Persson’s soundtrack work would have been less surprised. Being happily married didn’t seem to dull Nina’s tendency toward cynical lyrics about the darker side of love,  though.

The country stylings spilled over into The Cardigans’ next album Long Gone Before Daylight, and anyone who loves that album (I think it’s their best) should certainly check out A Camp’s two long-players, A Camp (2001) and Colonia (2009). To get you started (or fill in the gaps), here’s all of A Camp’s officially released non-album tracks: three honest-to-goodness B-sides, three quite different versions of tracks from the debut album, and three covers…

Charlie Charlie
Angel Of Sadness (Out On The Porch Version)
Song For The Leftovers (Radio Version)
Train Of Salvation
My Misery Is A Mystery
Such A Bad Comedown (Version 1 – The 1998 Recording)
Us And Them (Pink Floyd cover)
Boys Keep Swinging (Dave Bowie cover)
I’ve Done It Again (Grace Jones cover)

Download: A Camp Uncollected (Mediafire) (re-up)

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