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Slapp Happy covers

impossibles the drumTo go with my Slapp Happy Imaginary Compilation Album now up at The New Vinyl Villain blog, here are (most of) the cover versions I mentioned in that write-up, plus the original version of “War” so you know what The Fall are covering. Sorry I haven’t included the Ruth’s Refrigerator track in this lot; I thought I’d ripped it but I hadn’t… I’ll endeavour to add it later.  Knowing me, that’ll probably be in 2023 or so. [EDIT: In fact, I don’t think I have the Ruth’s Refrigerator track to share. I did, once upon a time…]

Link: Slapp Happy / Henry Cow – War
Link: The Fall – War
Link: Mazzy Star – Blue Flower
Link: Pale Saints – Blue Flower
Link: Bongwater – The Drum
Link: The Impossibles – The Drum (7″ Mix)
Link: The Impossibles – The Drum (Andrew Weatherall 12″ Mix)

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and I will get around to doing a load more posts at some point, probably. But just to assure (or dismay) you that I’m still alive, here’s a single I’ve had in the queue for a while and never got around to sharing.

They’ve got a bit more praise since they’ve split up, but I always thought Gene were one of the more underrated bands associated with the Britpop scene. They always got dismissed as Smiths copyists, which seemed a bit unfair. So sometimes they sounded a bit like The Smiths – is that a bad thing? Anyway, this is the title track from their debut album, but re-recorded for the single release. I think they just about get away with the repetition of the chorus, but even if you find it a bit grating, the B-sides are pretty fabulous too. I had the cassette single at the time and played it way too much, probably – actually, I probably still have it somewhere! “Don’t Let Me Down” is a Beatles cover, and the one song that wasn’t on the cassette. It’s… less essential than the other tracks.

Link: Gene – Olympian (password: salad)

1. Olympian
2. I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me
3. To See The Lights
4. Don’t Let Me Down