A twist at the start

Courtesy of a belated 1992 release on Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs‘ Caff label, here are some early (1985) recordings by artypopmeisters World Of Twist, or an early version of World of Twist anyway, with future lead singer Tony Ogden on drums, Gordon King on guitar and a bunch of other people who didn’t stick around to the better-known line-up.

“The Sausage” is a retro instrumental, like the weird extended version of a 1970s sitcom theme, and “Skidding Into Love” is, slightly surprisingly, a very of-its-time catchy guitar pop song.  Only “Space Rockit” really hints at the glammed-up sound World Of Twist would be touting during their early-90s flirtation with microfame, but all three songs are worth hearing.

Incidentally, if you look at the (admittedly rubbish) sleeve on the right, you’ll notice the credit “engineered by jive bunny”… which amazingly is true! Well, it wasn’t engineered by a cartoon rabbit, but it was done by the guys who went on to mastermind that project.


Link: World Of Twist – The Sausage (password: salad)

1. The Sausage
2. Skidding Into Love
3. Space Rockit

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