Pinball Blizzard

The weather warnings are here! Possible snow on the way for parts of Scotland (though so far, my corner looks OK), which prompts me to dig out this Stereolab single from 1996. I bought this on the day it came out, which I think was in November, and then overnight it snowed and the next day I went out stomping around, making footprints in the snow, with the song “Pinball” playing on my… well, it wouldn’t be a Discman, it would have been some lesser brand of personal CD player. Anyway, the point is that since then, I’ve always associated “Pinball” with snow, and in the unlikely event that we do get a covering this weekend, I shall probably go yomping about to the accompaniment of said track again. And so can you!

Link: Stereolab – Fluorescences (password: salad)

1. Fluorescences
2. Pinball
3. You Used To Call Me Sadness
4. Soop Groove #1

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