Drinkable Strawberries

Time for another pointless gimmick! A bunch of songs with nothing at all in common except being named after strawberry-flavoured beverages. They’re not even particularly awesome songs or anything…

So here’s some alt-country…

Link: Ryan Adams – Strawberry Wine

Some 60s-style psych-pop (but actually done in 2015)…

Link: Stereographs – Strawberry Lemonade [so Strawberryade, yeah?]

Some genuine 60s easy listening balladry…

Link: Tiny Tim – Strawberry Tea

A smooth nu-disco club groove…

Link: Manu Avila – Strawberry Dakiri

Some sort of new wavey kinda modern pop rock thing…

Link: Pop Levi – Strawberry Shake

And an upbeat synthy thing that sounds like a backing track they haven’t got around to doing the vocals for yet…

Link: Tmidao – Strawberry Matcha Latte

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