Weekend Long Player: “Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon)” by Win

I’ve never really got into Win. The arty alternative pop quintet from Edinburgh released two albums in the latter half of the 1980s and got rather popular in Scotland off the back of “You’ve Got The Power” being used in a TV advert for McEwan’s Lager. However as I was growing up in Southern England at the time, I don’t have that association. I know them more for their second album giving its title to a blog full of pretentious guff, which is one reason I’ve become rather suspicious of Win.

Still, here’s the first, pretentiously-titled (uh-oh!) album. It includes “You’ve Got The Power” and also a version of “Super Popoid Groove”, which reached the heights of #63 in the UK Top 75 singles chart compiled by Gallup for Music Week and the BBC. (According to the recent BBC Scotland documentary series “Rip It Up”, “You’ve Got The Power” also sold well enough to enter the top 75 but was excluded due to suspicious buying patterns, i.e. all its sales were in Scotland. Which may be true. It’s a good series, by the way… it’ll probably turn up on BBC Four soon.) “Un-American Broadcasting” and “Shampoo Tears” were also singles. The B sides of “Shampoo Tears” are here.

Link: Win – Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon) (password: salad)

1. Super Popoid Groove
2. Shampoo Tears
3. Binding Love Spell
4. Un-American Broadcasting
5. Hollywood Baby Too
6. Empty Holsters
7. You’ve Got The Power
8. Charms of Powerful Trouble
9. It May Be A Beautiful Sky Tonight But It’s Only A Shelter For A World At Risk
10. Charms reprise
11. Baby Cutting
12. Shampoo Tears (remix)
13. You’ve Got The Power (remix)

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