It’s a steal

Ace halfway-spoken-word thing from 1997 by writer and… can we call him a performance poet? He performs poetry, after all… Kirk Lake, backed by Jacques, the side-project of Anthony Reynolds and Matthew Scott of Jack. Well, on the first two tracks he’s backed by Jacques. On “£10,000 Dog” support comes from sample-delica (if that’s a word) artist Ed DMX, and he’s got his own band backing him up on “Dementia Pugilistica”. Quirky and witty.

Link: Kirk Lake / Jacques – Five Finger Discount (password: salad)

1. Five Finger Discount
2. All The Clocks Have Stopped
3. £10,000 Dog
4. Dementia Pugilistica

One response

  1. Thanks, I have the 7″ but I needed the mp3 🙂

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