Call me a taxi! (Alright… you’re a taxi)

inlovewithmambotaxiHere’s a full album for you, from riot grrrl quartet Mambo Taxi. The thanks list for this album (which takes up most of the inlay card) is a wonderful catalogue of great bands of the early-to-mid 90s…. Stereolab, Th’ Faith healers, Velocity Girl, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Pram, Cornershop, Senseless Things, Prolapse, Heavenly, Huggy Bear, Transglobal Underground… and bands I’d forgotten even existed, like Killdozer and Palace Brothers. And ones I’m only guessing from context were bands: Saffron’s Daughter, Frantic Spiders, Gorgeous Space Virus, Ascoyne d’Ascoynes, Punjab Rovers… heck, who needs the music when just the acknowlegements are such a rush of nostalgia?

But here’s the music anyway.

Link: Mambo Taxi – In Love With… (password: salad)

1. Tom
2. Kiss Kiss Kiss
3. Belgian Blues
4. 2 Nice Boys
5. Happy Claire
6. (Push That) Pram (Under The Train)
7. Evangelical
8. Screaming In Public
9. Poems on the underground
10. Reasons To Live
11. Inscure
12. My Room
13. Velvet Youth



2 responses

  1. Frantic Spiders were indeed a band. Four riot grrls from Exeter, formerly known as Toxic Shock Syndrome.

  2. Blimey, who woke you up? Glad to see you’re back, Back, BACK! Thanks for this: I always loved their “Do You Always Dress Like That In Front of Other People’s Boyfriends?” single, which, judging by the artwork, must be from around the same time, so surprised it’s not on the album. Ho hum.

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