The big white turkey’s coming for me

A little gem today from trumpet-enriched, chorus-shy poetic popsters Animals That Swim, a bit of a “critic’s band” much beloved of the music press back in the 90s, but who never really broke through. In fact, this was their biggest hit, and even this only reached #198. I don’t know how many copies you had to sell to reach number 198 back in 1995, but it can’t have been many. The irony is, technically a five-track EP should have been disqualified from the charts anyway…

This EP came out a little while after their debut LP Workshy, and features an un-sweary re-recording of one of the album’s best songs, “Pink Carnations”, alongside four new tracks. “Del Fresco” and “Kandy Kars” are two of Del Crabtree’s synth-and-trumpet instrumental interludes, and are basically filler, but the other songs “Harry Dean” and “New Boots” are absolute corkers.

Workshy was reissued recently, but with the single version of “Pink Carnations” replacing the original album version. I still prefer the album version, so I’m offering it as a bonus track here.

Link: Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations (single version)
Link: Animals That Swim – Kandy Kars
Link: Animals That Swim – New Boots
Link: Animals That Swim – Harry Dean
Link: Animals That Swim – Del Fresco
Link: Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations (album version) (bonus track)


Link: All six tracks as a zip file (no password)


8 responses

  1. This has made my day. Thanks. More animals that swim please.

    1. I’m sure I can rustle something up for you…

  2. My memory is not what it was but I always confuse Animals That Swim with These Animal Men. Which one had a singer who also drummed at the mic stand, standing up at the front of the stage?

    1. That’s Animals That Swim, and their singing drummer was Hank Starrs, though by the time I saw them, they’d drafted someone else in to play drums on stage.

      1. Cheers. I seem to recall quite liking Animals That Swim. Am off to do some Googling now!

  3. I could be wrong, but I always thought “Faded Glamour” was their biggest “hit” (if “hit” is the right word). Couldn’t tell you where it finished in the charts, mind you. Somewhere outside the Top 100, I think.

    1. only lists Pink Carnations (at 199 rather than 198 as I said).

  4. I definitely bought ‘Faded Glamour’ which probably bumped it up to Number 217 in the charts. Its a bloody marvellous record.

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