Top Muffins

Martha-the-MuffinsLast year, I contributed a Martha and The Muffins collection to The New Vinyl Villain‘s Imaginary Compilations series. The tracklisting and a write-up are here:

An Imaginary Compilation #27: Martha And The Muffins

…but the links have now gone. However, should you wish to download the compilation (and why wouldn’t you), I’ve uploaded it as a zip file here:

Martha And The Muffins – Cooling The Medium

It’s password-protected, and the password this time isn’t salad (because I forgot it was supposed to be), it’s topmuffins.

Some tracks that didn’t quite make the cut can be found on this very blog in a post titled Martha Superior.

Incidentally, if you look at the post on The New Vinyl Villain, you will see a cover I made for the compilation. For some reason I’ve always thought architectural drawings were a good match for Martha and the Muffins’ music. It’s not a visual style they’ve ever used themselves, so I’m not sure how I came to make that association, but anyway, I did a search for architect’s drawings associated with Toronto, and hit upon the image you see there, which is a pre-construction artist’s impression of the Sharp Centre for Design at OCAD University. It seemed to fit rather well with a band whose best-known song mentions buildings in the distance as a surrealistic sight, and as a bonus the black-and-white tiles on the top part of the building reminded me of the video for “Black Stations / White Stations”. Nice! What I didn’t find out until later is that OCAD University is where founding Muffin (and indeed founding Martha) Martha Ladly is now a Professor of Design and she actually works in that very building!  So a nice coincidence as well as a cool image. Don’t you just love it when these things come together?


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