Over the past week I have been busy chasing up matters with various Trading Standards departments. (My tip to anyone thinking of reporting a scam to Trading Standards: don’t bother, it will waste years of your life and achieve nothing.) Unfortunately as this has occupied a lot of my time, the next part of the Fun Boy Three series is not yet ready. There will however be a replacement bus service an alternative post tomorrow. It won’t be the alternative post I first thought of, because the happily resurrected Methods Of Dance blog just posted the single I was going to do, with extra remixes as well. But there will be an alternative alternative post tomorrow. And in the meantime…

Link: Anne Pigalle – Intermission (The Gods Are Bored) (Mix Aguicheur)



2 responses

  1. Trading Standards is, in principle, a very good thing. Trouble is, it’s been left to beaurocrats to run, and beaurocrats serve no useful purpose whatsoever. Waste of time and money.

    Kudos for the Anne Pigalle though – haven’t heard that in yeeeears!

    1. I shoul flag up for anyone who’s interested and doesn’t know, that Anne Pigalle’s 1985 album “Everything Could Be So Perfect” was reissued last year in “une édition deluxe”. It’s great stuff, and I will probably return to it in a later post.

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