Space is the place

humanoidfriendSince the weekend appears to have snuck up on us again, here’s some instrumental space disco and some space surf and just some general stuff with “space” attached to the front of it from Kim & Buran, the musical project of St Petersburg resident Slava Zavyalov, who took his nom-de-disque, or whatever the Russian equivalent is, from a pair of space pilots in Soviet-era cartoon film Mystery Of The Third Planet. To begin with, his music was quite cartoony too, but it turned more serious later on. Today’s tracks are taken from his third album, 2006’s “My Humanoid Friend”,  wherein the cartoony elements were still present but starting to be subsumed in a sleeker disco sound.

Link: Kim & Buran – Star Track
Link: Kim & Buran – Wild Party
Link: Kim & Buran – Space Game
Link: Kim & Buran – King Of Disco

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