Orlando bloom

orlandojustThis lot probably deserve a proper write-up and maybe one day I’ll do one. But for now, let’s just stick to the basics.

  1. Orlando, for it is they, emerged from short-lived Sarah Records band Shelley.
  2. It was mainly a vehicle for songwriter Dickon Edwards (he’s the blond one on the sleeve).
  3. The not-blond one on the sleeve is singer Tim Chipping.
  4. They got lumped in with the supposed “romo” movement, despite “romo” only ever existing in Simon Price‘s imagination.
  5. However, Orlando were quite obviously in a different league to other supposed “romo” bands such as DexDexTer, Minty, Plastic Fantastic, Hollywood, InAura and yes, even Sexus.
  6. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that they were better than I Dream Of Wires.
  7. And yet, “Just For A Second”, which is quite simply one of the greatest pop records of the 90s, was completely ignored by all and sundry.
  8. Their album Passive Soul is great too. You should check it out.
  9. Number 6 is a very obscure joke and I’m sorry.
  10. I’m not really.

Orlando: Just For A Second (UK CD single 1996)

Link: Orlando – Just For A Second (edit)
Link: Orlando – Just For A Second (full length)
Link: Orlando – Something To Write Home About
Link: Orlando – The Trouble With You (interview)

The full-length version is the one to prioritise here. There’s no real point to the edit unless you happen to be a radio producer in 1996 looking to shave a minute off a record that, being a radio producer in 1996, you’re not going to play anyway. And yes, the interview really is done in that annoying way with the speech in one channel and music in the other.

4 responses

  1. I remember writing a piece in Romo for t (n) vv some while ago in which I raved about Orlando. Romo was shit.
    Your blog is really good by the way.

  2. Oh and sorry but did the name invent I dream of wires or am confusing myself

    1. It was from a Gary Numan song, so I suppose he invented the name, but yes, the NME invented the band “I Dream Of Wires” in a “ones to watch for in the new year” feature, then ran occasional one-liner fake news stories for a while before announcing for April Fools Day that the band had all been killed in a coach crash. Poor unfortunate I Dream Of Wires, we literally never knew thee.

  3. was dropping into mention that In Aura were the subject of a posting over at my placesome time back, but the author of said piece beat me to it. Here’s a link to the full thing should anyone be interested:-


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