Stereolab get yperactive

Some Stereolab goodness/oddness today. The London-based Anglo-French-Australian postkrautartrockpop group always went down well with John Peel show listeners (as well as with Peel himself, of course), and in 1996 they placed two tracks in the Festive Fifty: “Cybele’s Reverie” from the excellent Emperor Tomato Ketchup LP, and today’s featured track, “Les Yper-Yper Sound”, one of the B-sides to the single release of “Cybele’s Reverie”.


I strongly suspect that the #50 placing for “Les Yper-Yper Sound” represented a combined vote for LYYS itself and the album track “Les Yper-Sound”. They’re recognisably the same composition, but very different treatments – LYYS is a lot heavier than LYS, a lot more drone-oriented, and of course lacks vocals. Also supporting the “combined vote” theory is that some of the votes will no doubt have been for the session version from February of that year, which went under the title “Les Yper-Sound” but was structured as one of those two-part things that Stereolab were terribly fond of, starting with what would become LYYS before segueing into the song proper. Personally, I favour the pure instrumental “Les Yper-Yper Sound” version (the “proper” vocal version is one of the weaker tracks on the album), but here are all three for your listening pleasure.


  • Les Yper-Yper Sound (from “Cybele’s Reverie” single)
  • Les Yper-Sound (from Emperor Tomato Ketchup)
  • Les Yper-Sound (Peel session version Feb ’96 from ABC Music: The Radio 1 Sessions)

Download! (password: salad)

And while you’re downloading that, enjoy this wonderfully bizarre clip from Chicago Access Network Television’s Chic-A-Go-Go show featuring Stereolab’s Mary Hansen being interviewed by a rat, and the weirdest dance party ever.

I’m not sure they’re actually dancing to that song…


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